Our Award-winning

NorthStar Kitchen

A shining star in innovation

The north star is known throughout history for holding still while the entire northern sky revolves around it.

The North Star has come to symbolize our Canadian kitchen, representing a beacon of excellence in our industry. Purpose-built to advance our Biologically Appropriate mission, NorthStar is the most advanced pet food kitchen in Canada.

Committed to making the world’s best dog and cat foods, our NorthStar Kitchen is equipped with proprietary, state-of-the art, fresh-meat processing technologies that allow higher fresh-meat inclusions than any other dog or cat foods.

And our kitchen prepares ACANA and ORIJEN exclusively – no other brands or private labels. We wouldn’t have it any other way and we believe you wouldn’t either.

Our purpose matters

Our food philosophy, focused on Biologically Appropriate Recipes, World’s Best Ingredients and Award-Winning Kitchens sets us apart from any other pet food maker and guides us as we design our award-winning kitchens and foods.